Democratic Dialogue at school: an online game-based training tool on Democratic Dialogue for Teachers

The DD@S eLearning platform

Are you a secondary school teacher who wants to learn how to facilitate respectful and constructive dialogue on controversial issues in your classroom? Do you seek to gain the knowledge and skills to handle difficult situations by fostering mutual understanding, cooperation and empathy among your students? If yes, then this eLearning platform is for you!

The DD@s Training Course for teachers, teams and school leaders in Europe has been designed to provide its participants with structured guidance on how to deal with controversial issues and diversity-related conflicts in order to promote a culture of democratic dialogue, diversity and inclusion at school.

The DD@S Training Course for teachers, teams and school leaders in Europe consists of 5 modules: an introductory module on democratic dialogue and communicating controversial issues at school, and four specialised modules on discussing socio-political issues with students, dealing with religious and ethical issues at school, topics concerning vulnerable groups and gender-related discussions in the classroom.

The course combines theory and practice, incorporating game-based exercises and providing detailed instructions on how to carry out various related activities and scenarios either with students or with other teachers – future ambassadors of the DD@S project.

All modules have the following structure:


Aim, Learning objectives & Learning Outcomes


Key concepts, background information, relevant theories


Exercises, self-reflection & practical resources to promote democratic dialogue and deal with controversial issues in class


Advice, ideas and proposals on relevant issues


References and further reading 

Course duration: approx. 12 hours of theory & approx. 15 hours or activities

Certificate of attendance will be provided after the completion of the full course.

Module 0:

Introduction to democratic dialogue and communicating controversial issues at school

This module aims at introducing participants to democratic dialogue and controversial issues at school and to explore strategies for turning such issues into positive pedagogical opportunities.

Through this module, learners (teachers, educators, school principles, staff and related stakeholders) are expected to:


Get familiar with an introductory theoretical framework around democratic dialogue and controversial issues


Get acquainted to triggers of controversial issues at schoo


Reflect upon their role in dealing with controversial issues in the class and with the causes and challenges related to such issues


Acknowledge the value of engaging students in dialogue on controversial issues in class